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Congregation Beth Elohim Religious School

Our Core Values

Our Religious School program seeks to provide an education designed to inspire our students to lead lives as identifying, committed Jews and giving and ethical human beings. The purpose of our Religious School is to teach Jewish history, to instill Jewish values and a sense of pride in our Jewish heritage, customs, language and traditions. We seek to create a learning environment that is warm, challenging and enticing, and to enable our students to become constructive citizens of our country and community.

We hope to challenge our students to discover their own path to an authentic relationship with God, Torah, Israel and the Jewish people.

As a community school we seek to validate and enhance the Jewish practices and outlook of each of our families with their diverse and distinct backgrounds and family heritage.  We are guided in the pursuit of our vision by distinct Jewish values which include:

  • Tzedakah -- The value of justice and righteousness exemplified by the charitable giving of one's time and resources for those in need
  • Derech Eretz -- The value of courtesy and kindness to our fellow human beings
  • Mitzvah -- The value of obligations we bear toward God, the Jewish people and humanity
  • Talmud Torah -- The devotion to the life-long pursuit of learning
  • Ahavat Yisrael -- The love for the people of Israel, its culture, language and land

Our Educational Priorities

  • Providing an environment which is safe and nurturing;
  • Maintaining high expectations for all of our students and realizing important differences in each student's learning style;
  • Creating a community of "menschen"- ethical human beings
  • A curriculum of Jewish studies which enable our students to reconcile differences between Jewish culture and those of the general society;
  • Continuing faculty education and professional development for our staff;
  • Family Education opportunities in which parents and children grow together in their discovery of Jewish tradition;
  • Continued possibilities for parents to continue their Jewish education;
  • Ensuring Jewish continuity by instilling in our students respect for Jewish values and traditions and service to the Jewish community.
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