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Congregation Beth Elohim Religious School


We envision Jewish education as a life-long process. After B'nai Mitzvah, our Teen Program provides an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of Jewish thought, practice and contemporary experiences. Our goal is for students to explore Judaism and Jewish topics through age appropriate discussions and experiences, for students to continue to build community and sustain relationships, and for students to have a choice and a greater stake in their own Jewish learning. In addition to weekly classes, each year students will participate in a trip with a focus on Jewish learning and exploration.

Each week students will begin by eating lunch together. During the 2021 - 2022 school year, the following courses will be offered:

8th and 9th Grade:

Sundays 11:30-1:30pm

First Semester:

Students will choose between the following two options:

  • Social Justice and Art: What is the connection between social justice and art?  How have artists used their craft to effect change in the world?  How can you use art to effect change in the world?  In this class we are going to look at all of these questions and more.  We will be creating our own art as well as looking at artist who have used their art to change the world. 
  • What Makes Israel Tick?: Have you ever wondered what makes Israel the country she is today?  Have you ever wondered why you should have an opinion on Israel?  In this class we are going to explore these question by learning more about the Israel government and the “others” in Israel.  Through discussion, connection to Israelis and guest speakers we will begin to learn more about who really lives in Israel, what their lives are like and why we should have an opinion on Israel. 

Second Semester:

Topics will be chosen based on student input.

Confirmation: 10th Grade

Sundays: 11:30-1:00pm
Trip: Washington, DC

In this exciting year, students have an opportunity to study with both Rabbi Mike and Beth Goldstein.  They learn about topics that are important to them and explore social justice in Washington, DC.  The students focus on two main subjects in 10th grade: “Social Justice and Social Action” with Rabbi Mike and “Jewish Culture” with Beth Goldstein.  In addition, students prepare to lead their Confirmation service. 

Social Justice and Social Action with Rabbi Mike: 

This class will offer students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of Jewish social justice and systems of oppression from a root cause perspective, and cultivate teens’ Jewish identity and values by connecting Judaism and social justice.  Throughout the year we will build skills for teens to organize for change as Jews and act on those skills in creating change in and outside of CBE. 

We will look through a Jewish lens at issues such as:
●    Racial Justice
●    Economic and Worker Justice
●    LGBTQ Equality
●    Reproductive Freedom
●    Housing and Homelessness
●    Climate Justice and Environmental Stewardship
●    Voting Rights
●    Issues of students’ choosing 

Jewish Culture with Beth Goldstein:

Every other week students will focus on Jewish Culture with a focus on Jewish visual art, music and cooking.  Students will study Jewish artists and create art pieces that use the technique and ideas of those artists.  They will also look at Jewish musicians and the history of Jewish music.  And, of course, students will get to cook amazing Jewish food and learn the background behind these foods.  All weeks will be interactive and work on both short and long term projects. 

Sun, May 29 2022 28 Iyyar 5782