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Congregation Beth Elohim Religious School


We envision Jewish education as a life-long process. After Bar and Bat mitzvah, our Teen Program provides an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of Jewish thought, practice and contemporary experiences. Our goal is for students to explore Judaism and Jewish topics through age appropriate discussions and experiences, for students to continue to build community and sustain relationships, and for students to have a choice and a greater stake in their own Jewish learning. In addition to weekly classes, each year students will participate in a trip with a focus on Jewish learning and exploration.

Each week students will begin by eating lunch together. During the 2019-2020 school year, the following courses will be offered:

8th and 9th Grade:

Sundays 11:30-1:30pm

First Semester:

Students will choose between the following two options:

  • Jewish Film:  In this class, students will explore Jewish movies. They will ask the questions “What makes a movie Jewish?”, “What can we learn about Judaism from the movies?” and “How are the Jewish people portrayed in the movie?”. We will be discussing a combination of full length films and short films.
  • Comparative Religion:  Students will explore other religions and compare to what they know about Judaism. They will have a chance to visit other religious organizations and have speakers come to class.

Second Semester:

Students will choose between the following two options:

  • Israeli Culture: In this class students will explore Israeli music, film, food, and sports. In addition, students will learn some key Hebrew expressions and phrases.
  • 2020: In this course, the students will be following the 2020 election through a Jewish lens. What issues are important to the Jewish people and why? How does this shape the election? Which candidates connect with Jewish issues? All of these will be a part of the conversation.

Confirmation: 10th and 11th Grade

Sundays: 11:30-1:00pm
Trip: Washington, DC


In this exciting year, students have an opportunity to study with Rabbi Mike, learn about topics that are important to them, and explore social justice in Washington, DC. The students will focus on two main subjects: “Sense”ible Judaism taught by Rabbi Mike and Current Events.

“Sense”ible Judaism

How can we use our five senses to honor God, each other and ourselves?

Hearing: Do Jews need to listen to God? How? Why do we need the Shema? And Lashon Ha’ra: Who and what can we listen to? Who do you trust? Isn’t it ok if it is the truth?

Seeing: Coveting: Why is just looking a sin? (Objectification of others by staring). Leads to idolatry-object as idol. “Pokeach ivrim” when are we blind, when do we see?

Taste: Kosher: Why can’t the Rabbi just bless a pig? What makes Jewish food Jewish? Isn’t it just a health thing? What does this have to do with God? And Blessing over food: why say blessings? Why are we thanking God when people grow and make it? Blessings are a way of creating human relationships and a sense of gratitude.

Touch: What kind of touching is appropriate and inappropriate? Exploring this idea in text and through conversations.

Smell: Did the aroma of sacrifices rise up to God? What replaces that today? Also an exploration of Havdalah.

Mon, November 29 2021 25 Kislev 5782