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Using Our Building (including our Food Policies)

We are delighted that you are considering having your event in our beautiful building. It is our hope that by providing you with information regarding room capacity, pricing, layout, etc., we can help to make planning your event easier and more efficient.

The following information and regulations apply to all persons and groups using the building and grounds of Congregation Beth Elohim. It is our hope that this information will enable everyone to use the building in an enjoyable and respectful way.

If you are an organization, external to CBE, please complete this Building Use Request  Form for External Organizations and provide your deposit,  a minimum of 4 weeks before your event.  Refer to Cost for Building Use to find our fees, if any, applicable for your event.  If you have any questions about policy or equipment, please call the synagogue office at (978) 263-3061.

For those planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please refer to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah packet for specific instructions.  

General Guidelines


Activities must be confined to the reserved space. Areas available for rent are the community court, sanctuary, social hall and kitchen. The library, youth lounge, classrooms and office spaces are not available for rent. Access to restrooms, phone and cleanup materials will be available at all times.


No decorations, banners or signs may be placed on the walls or ceilings without prior approval. No sticky tape (including masking or drafting tape) may be used except on glass. Poster-gum may be used on painted walls. All decorations must be removed at the end of the function.


All food and food preparation must conform to kitchen policies, Kashrut policy and the CBE Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Awareness and Safety policy. When a caterer will be used, the Rabbi must approve the caterer.  See more BELOW.


No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Synagogue premises without prior approval. To obtain approval the user must provide a certificate of liability insurance. Alcohol MAY NOT BE SOLD under any circumstances.


No outside appliances or electronic equipment may be used without prior approval. Use of the Synagogue sound system also requires prior approval.


Any event that takes place on the Sabbath must adhere to specific activity restrictions regarding music and dancing. From sundown Friday to sundown Saturday DJ’s, electronic amplification and rock/pop music are not allowed in the synagogue. Live musicians, specifically klezmer bands, Jewish and Israeli folk music groups and quiet classical ensembles are the only permissible forms of musical entertainment during the Sabbath. All dancing must be confined to Jewish and Israeli folk dance.



Beth Elohim’s sanctuary can accommodate 200 people for a service or performance. The sanctuary can accommodate an additional 50 people by opening up the swing space. If the entire social hall with swing space (2,200’) is opened to the sanctuary a total of 700 chairs can fit into this combined space.  Be aware that with these numbers it will be necessary to rent additional chairs from an outside source.

Social Hall

Beth Elohim's social hall is approximately 2,200 sq. ft. and can comfortably accommodate up to 120 guests at round and rectangular tables. A 400 sq. ft. dance floor and head table of 30 people is included in this configuration. With additional tables set in the sanctuary, 30 additional people can comfortably be seated.

Community Court

The spacious, bright alcove just outside the social hall and sanctuary is commonly referred to as the Community Court It is a friendly and attractive supplemental space that can be used for kiddush, cocktails and even appetizer service. Weather permitting, the beautiful outdoor garden at the entrance to the synagogue can also be enjoyed. 

Catering and Kitchen Use

Any caterer will be delighted to work in our spacious, fully equipped kosher style kitchen. (Please consult the synagogue Kashrut policy and Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Awareness and Safety policy about what foods may be brought into the kitchen and how they must be served.) We usually set aside part of one refrigerator before and during an event, and will try to accommodate additional storage and space needs, if we are informed in advance. Please call the office at (978) 263-3061 2 weeks before your event to confirm and coordinate kitchen space and storage needs.

  1. All uses of the kitchen by Congregation and non-Congregation groups/individuals must be scheduled in advance. If a caterer will be used, the Rabbi must approve the caterer and menu.
  2. Most of the kitchen cabinets and pantry are kept locked. When kitchen use is planned, the appropriate cabinets and appliances will be locked/unlocked for you.
  3. Supplies available for all Congregation-sponsored events are coffeepots, coffee, hot and cold cups, sugar, stirrers, tablecloths, and limited amounts of napkins and paper plates. There is also a variety of cooking and serving utensils for Congregation use only. None of these supplies, except the coffeepots, may be used by an outside group or private party.
  4. Everything that is used must be washed, dried and returned to its proper place. Cleaning supplies, including broom and dustpan, paper towels and dish soap are provided. All trash should be placed in the available trashcans. The janitor will empty the trashcans. However, if the bag is full, please tie the full bag and place next to the can. You should then put a new bag in the can. Trash bags are kept on the counter next to the microwave.
  5. Leftover food from a meeting or other function should be taken home, given away or discarded. Do not leave anything in the refrigerator/freezer unless it is labeled with its intended use and dated. Conversely, do not take anything out of the refrigerator/freezer that is labeled for someone else’s function.
  6. Paper goods bought for special functions should be taken home by the group or individual who purchased them, or they may be placed into the appropriate cabinets and become available for general use.
  7. Groups or individuals using the kitchen equipment are responsible for the replacement of damaged or lost kitchen equipment.
  8. No actual cooking from "scratch" is allowed on the Sabbath. Previously cooked foods may be warmed.
  9. If you are planning a function with food, please read the Kashrut policy and the Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Awareness and Safety policy  If you have any other questions, call the Kitchen Chairperson or the Rabbi. 

Brief summary of the Kashrut policy:

  • No mixing of meat and dairy products.
  • No non-Kosher ingredients (pork, shellfish). Be especially careful when bringing in packaged foods. Many crackers and cakes use animal fat. Read labels carefully.
  • Dairy foods may be prepared in members’ homes or by a non-Kosher caterer without regard to the utensils used.
  • Meat (Kosher only) must be prepared in the synagogue kitchen by congregants or provided by a kosher caterer.

Brief summary of the Food Allergy and Celiac Disease Awareness and Safety policy:

  • No peanuts or tree nuts are to be brought into the CBE building.
    HOMEMADE foods are permitted as long as peanuts and tree nuts are not
  •  A variety of individually-wrapped prepackaged foods or packaged foods served in their original package, free of the nine most common food allergens (milk, eggs, soy, sesame, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, gluten, fish) will be supplied by CBE for CBE events. Only food items with clearly labeled ingredients will be provided.
  • CBE event planners, in coordination with the synagogue administrator, will
    provide a designated, clearly labeled table for allergen free refreshments.
    Every effort will be made to have the allergy free table be decorated in the
    same manner as the other tables for the event.
  •  Plan to have at least two tables set up: one or more large tables for
    general use; and one small table with allergy-free and/or gluten-free foods

Remember: this is a community kitchen. Many people must use it, so use common sense and common courtesy in cleaning up afterwards and leaving it usable for the next person.


In addition to the full sized commercial refrigerator, there is also a designated freezer that is available for events. The kitchen also includes a convection oven, a microwave oven and a six-burner commercial stove. In order to ensure adequate space, advance notification of storage needs is necessary.

Congregation Beth Elohim currently has:

  • (11) 72" round tables (comfortably seats 10 people)
  • (10) 60" round tables (comfortably seats 8 people)
  • (9) 8" rectangular tables
  • (3) 6" rectangular tables
  • 290 folding chairs

Included in the building use fee is the use of the synagogue’s tables or chairs. Any additional tables and chairs, as well as all linens must be rented. 

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