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Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible to:

  • Publish the weekly Star-LIte:  Communicates upcoming events and past event photos
  • Publish the bi-monthly newsletter, The Star:  Features articles from clergy, People of Chelm educational articles, other topics of interest to the CBE community
  • Post items of interest on CBE Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Design and maintain website content including communication of CBE events and general information about CBE
  • Assist in posting events on appropriate external sites, when appropriate and time permits
  • Provide graphic design support, as time permits

CBE Event Communication

CBE Sites

When the Event Communications Form is received, the Communications team publicizes your event:

  • in Star-Lite:  The Star-Lite distribution list includes congregants, interested past congregants, and interested community members.
  • on the CBE website (
  • on the CBE Facebook and Instagram pages. 

A very few events in the year, pertaining to CBE business, are only for congregants,  The Communications team, once the form is received, will communicate these via email to our congregants only list.  Examples of this are the CBE Annual Meeting or a congregant only survey.

External Sites (event organizers may want to use for event communication)
A small subset of CBE event organizers have publicized their events externally.  Examples of external sites or publications that event organizers have chosen, in the past, are listed below, along with instructions for you to post your event. 

If you have issues posting to these sites, you may email for assistance.

    • For events of wider public interest to the greater Boston Jewish community, you/ the event organizer may want to post on  It is suggested that you do this a month in advance. CBE has a presence on their site at  
    • To add an event you need to create an account to obtain editing access. It takes a bit to get used to the interface but fortunately they have provided this helpful guide. Note that they have strict rules about images, which must be high quality, high resolution and free of text. 
  • Action Unlimited: 
    • For events of wider community interest, you may want to post the event in Action Unlimited.  
    • To submit an event to the Action Unlimited, go to  Select “click here to submit your event”. That will open an email that can be sent directly to the paper. The deadline is Tuesday night for that Friday.
    • If you desire the announcement to run multiple weeks, it must be submitted each week. Otherwise, it will run only once.
    • Pictures are welcome but should be submitted in the size you desire the picture to be seen. 
  • Local synagogues and other faith-based organizations or community members:
    • You may craft an email that you then send to these organizations. 
    • If it will help you, you may email for a potential starting list of contact email addresses that we have used for these targeted audiences in the past.
  • Community Social Media:  Next Door, Facebook Acton Community Forum (or other community similar forums), etc.:  These are other external sites where you may want to publicize your event.
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