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Ritual Policies

Context and Goals for our Ritual Policies

The Mission of Congregation Beth Elohim is to foster an open, diverse community that acts as a place for spiritual development, as well as the celebration of Jewish culture and values. As an independent congregation, we forge a unique balance between preserving Jewish traditions and embracing progressive ideals, creating an environment that is inclusive to all. Our leadership is committed to the personal and spiritual growth of our members, providing guidance and support throughout life's journey.

The Ritual Policies are written in this context, recognizing the broad experiences of our members and aiming to be as inclusive as possible. Ritual decision making at CBE is based in Jewish values. While we use tradition and halacha (Jewish law) as starting points, we are not necessarily bound by them. We incorporate contemporary mores and insights, and emphasize democratic participation through study, reflection and deliberation.

It is our goal that the ritual policies not only serve as guides for our communal practice, but also a tool for individual members to learn about and deepen their commitment to the sacred traditions of the Jewish people.

'The Torah is called an Etz Chayim, a “tree of life.”  The term denotes growth and evolution.  As such, we envision that all our policies will grow along with our community.


Click on the title to read the policy document.  Policies will be added as the Ritual Committee is ready to publish.

♦ Guidelines Regarding the Inclusion of non-Jewish CBE Members and Guests in Ritual Matters

CBE Kashrut Policy

Ritual Policies Regarding Work in the Beth Elohim Community on Shabbat and Chagim (Torah Holidays)

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