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Dues and fees do not cover all of the many expenses in running an active, dynamic, viable program. Congregation Beth Elohim is committed to making its services not only attractive, but affordable. To meet this goal, we rely on your generosity. A donation to Congregation Beth Elohim is a wonderfully appropriate way to celebrate a Life Cycle Event, to honor or commemorate the life of a loved one, or simply to express appreciation for the benefits Beth Elohim brings to your life.

If you can, please make your donation using the form below. When you do, CBE receives your donation immediately and we can put it to work right away. In addition to your online confirmation, the CBE office will mail you a receipt that you may use for tax purposes.

CBE Congregants- to assure expedient crediting of your donation, please login to your CBE web account prior to making your contribution.

Donations must be submitted as a one time payment, only. If you are on this page to pay dues or fees, CBE can accept a one time payment, or recurring payments for up to 12 months.

All financial transactions on the CBE website are processed via PayPal, whether you use your personal PayPal account or a credit or debit card to complete the transaction. Either way, PayPal charges CBE a 2.9% transaction fee. We ask that you consider covering this fee; you may do so by selecting "include" on the payment screen. If you wish to avoid transaction fees entirely, you may make payments by cash or check to the CBE office. We also ask you not to go directly to PayPal to make donations to CBE, without first entering the donation on our website, as such a donation will not be properly recorded.

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