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Our General and Designated Funds

Undesignated contributions to CBE are assigned to the General Fund to be used at the discretion of the Board of Directors. It is possible to designate a particular fund to receive your contribution. See the list below for a description of our special funds.

General Fund

General Fund

Funds Congregation Beth Elohim’s topmost priorities for the current year’s budget.

Named Funds

Adult Education Fund This fund supports CBE Adult Education activities.  It was established in memory of Albert E. (Al) Valade, Jr.
Cantoral Fund Supports cantoral and educational outreach and programming for our synagogue and community.
Chesed (Kindness) Fund Helps this committee serve families in need, including defraying costs for families that require assistance.
Choir Fund Covers the cost of choir expenses including special choir programs such as Shabbat Shirah, CBE’s annual “Shabbat of Song”, soloists, etc.
Family Education Fund Helps fund programs such as Am Ha’Sefer (People of the Book), Parents as Partners, and other programs that foster inclusion of Judaism in everyday family life.
Library Fund Used to purchase books and media for CBE’s wonderful library. You may request the type of purchase, and a bookplate inscription (in honor, in memory) for the front of a book.
Na’aseh Social Justice Fund  This fund supports the social justice work of the Na’aseh Initiative. Na’aseh takes specific actions of tikkun olam (repairing the world) and tzedek (social justice) in the realms of basic human rights, civil rights, social justice, and environmental protection. Among other activities, Na’aseh sponsors the annual Martin Luther King Breakfast.
Ritual Fund  This fund is used to maintain and restore our Torahs, and to purchase new prayer books and ritual items, such as silver Torah ornaments. A minimum donation of $30 is required to dedicate a prayer book with a nameplate.
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund The rabbi uses these funds at his discretion for charitable purposes for our synagogue and the extended community.
Religious School Fund Provides extra services and special programs for the children in our Religious School.

Funds in Honor or Memory of Specific Individuals or Families

Alex Young Social Action Fund In Memory of Alex Young, this fund supports the Social Acton Committee's 5th Wednesday Community Supper sponsorship. 
Amy Naparstek Israel Scholarship Fund In Memory of Amy Naparstek, this fund supports educational trips to Israel for CBE youth qualified by their involvement in Jewish education, youth activities, and community service.
Gerson Stutman Memorial 
Beautification Fund
In Memory of Gerson Stutman, a CBE Past President who was instrumental in the creation of our new synagogue building. This fund supports beautification of our building. 
Jason Goldfarb Youth Fund In Memory of Jason Goldfarb, this fund helps support CBE Youth Group programs.
Joan Snyder Library Fund  In Memory of Joan Snyder, this fund supports provides for furniture and upkeep of our wonderful library. 
Rabbi Lewis Mintz Fund Created by the CBE board in 2022 to honor the legacy of our beloved Rabbi Emeritus and, dedicated to increasing our understanding of our history. Its theme is "The Jewish People’s Encounters with Modernity; The Challenges Then and Now." We envision the fund supporting specific Adult Ed programs (guest speakers, films, interfaith clergy panels, retreats etc.) exploring periods when our People confronted and adapted to dramatic changes - political, societal, religious and cultural - that threatened the survival of Jew and Judaism. It is our hope that our study of “Then” — the 19th and 20th centuries — will reflect on “Now” — the 21st century.
Stuart Markowitz Fund In Memory of Stuart Markowitz, this fund provides CBE youth scholarships to Jewish summer camps. 

For the above named funds, go to the donation page.

To Donate to Sisterhood

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