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Tzedek Box Challenge

Add to CBE's Tzedek Box using this simple form. Our Na'aseh Tzedek Box team will add your entry to CBE's Tzedek box in the community cour

We will open the CBE Tzedek Box and share and reflect on our good works on Pesach Sheni, May 15, 2022. Please join us for this gathering and please add to our Tzedek Box before then.

Tzedek means righteousness or justice. The CBE Tzedek Box, was introduced on Yom Kippur 5782. It is part of a new ritual that provides an opportunity for our CBE community to practice and reflect on what it means to perform acts that help build a better world. Like the ritual of putting coins in a Tzedakah Box, you put slips of paper on which you write (anonymously) your acts of Chesed, Mitzvot and Tikkun Olam in the Tzedek box. Everyone can participate in this ritual; families, individuals, young and old. The Tzedek Box sits in the community court, easily accessible to everyone. An on-line form is also available here.

Once a year, a month after Pesach, we open the Tzedek Box to review, reflect and acknowledge what we have done as a community. Engaging in regular cycles of action and reflection is a wonderful way to pause, take stock of how our actions are aligning with our Jewish values, and rededicate ourselves to Tikkun Olam.

For a more personal and convenient option for remembering, and reflecting upon your acts of Tzedek down load the Tzedek Box app. The app allows you to record, categorize, reflect upon your actions, say a blessing, and deposit it in your personal locked Tzedek Box. Once a year, the box is opened giving you a chance to see your journal entries and reflect upon your actions. If you want to anonymously share your actions with others in the CBE community, go to the Tribes section of your profile and join the 'CBE Acton' tribe. The app also alerts you to news and action opportunities in the world of Jewish justice work.

It is our hope that you will participate, adding your good deeds to the box and/or to the app. Good deeds can come from anyone and be anything that helps someone in any way: a young child helping with a household chore, offering a ride to a friend, showing up at an event to support an issue, volunteering in some capacity. Enjoy and contribute to the challenge.

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Sun, May 29 2022 28 Iyyar 5782