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What Members Have to Say About CBE

Members were asked to say what CBE means to them.   These were collected as part of our High Holiday Appeal 5781.

Danya Zimmer-Bloomstone

Danya Zimmer-Bloomstone beautifully shares with us a very personal and meaningful reflection.

Shelley and Dan Klein

This week Dan and Shelley speak from the heart.

Leslie Knight

Leslie Knight speaks about what CBE means for her family, as they raise their children with a Jewish education & identity. 

Henry and Amanda Sachar

Henry and Amanda made an extra-awesome video message for this week that you really have to see.

Sarah Coletti

Sarah Coletti speaks about her work towards Tikkun Olam as part of CBE's inspiring Na'aseh team.

Judy Kramer

Judy Kramer shares a very touching message this week that reminds us no matter how much we give, this community gives us more in return - from friendships to music and beyond!

Carruthers-Grey Family

The Carruthers-Grey family shares a bit about their journey to CBE and the welcome they have found here. Congratulations to the whole family on their recent conversions! 

Susan Welt with son Trevor

Susan Welt and her son Trevor speak about the values they experience at CBE. Trevor really nails it - CBE is all about happiness, caring, helping other people & much more!

Ronny Almog

Ronny Almog shares how CBE's openness created a space to reconnect with Judaism and all it offers us - the tradition, texts, music, community and more. 

Barbara Frank

Barbark Frank talks about the support she received from the Rabbi and Sisterhood in a very trying time. It is great to know that we have each other's backs! 

Josh Formaggio

Josh Formaggio, one of the young leaders in our community, speaks about growing up in CBE and what he loves about it.

Kerri Garbis

Kerri Garbis shares an amazing story about her journey into CBE's fabulous choir. And she shares some great advice at the end of the video.


Alan Weiss

Long-time member Alan Weiss shares his family's CBE journey and confirms that the Beatles were actually thinking about CBE when they famously sang "The love you take is equal to the love you make".

Rabbi Emeritus Lewis Mintz and Naomi Katz Mintz

To wrap us these 15 weeks of video testimonials, our dear Rabbi Emeritus Lewis Mintz and Naomi Katz Mintz share the most heartfelt summation of what CBE has meant to them over many decades. I'm sure you'll agree, no-one could say it better. 


Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784