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Our Rescued Sefer Torah

In 2012, Peter and Jackie Leers generously donated a miraculous Sefer Torah to CBE.  Peter and Jackie are parents and grandparents of CBE congregants David, Amy, Nicole and Aryn Leers.


In the words of Peter and Jackie:


If this Sefer could tell the story it would be more interesting than I can tell it.

I bought this Sefer in Budapest around 1988 during the Communist era and had to smuggle it out of the country because it was considered State Heritage.

I put this Sefer on the rear seat of the car I had rented and covered it with my raincoat, figuring that at the border they would probably inspect the trunk ; fortunately I was right.

I gave it on loan to the Progressive Jewish Community I belong to. Before we built a temple of our own it travelled from one rented place to the next, just like our mobile Aron Hakodesh.

This sefer was repaired by a American sofer who believes it was written around 1860 in Poland, probably Krakow, as the stitching seems to indicate. After 150 years it is again being put to good use!

I am very glad that this sefer is being received with open arms in Beth Elohim where David, Amy, Nicole and Aryn spend time, acquire knowledge and are part of a prospering community.

May it bring peace and happiness to the members of Beth Elohim and all the peace loving people in the world!


Rotterdam, April 2012

Peter & Jackie Leers

Mon, June 24 2024 18 Sivan 5784