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COVID-19 Updates

To find resources to help or to receive help, read the CBE During Covid-19 page.  Click Read More... for the link to the page.


May 14 Update from David Leers (President), Rabbi Mike, CBE Covid-19 Task Force

We know how challenging the last few weeks have been for our community. At the same time, the response from our community has been remarkable. This crisis continues to prove that the strength of CBE is its people. As you may have heard, at the end of April, the Governor extended the essential services emergency order until May 18th. At that point the Governor also announced the appointment of the Reopening Advisory Board, which has the...Read more...

March 17 Update to the CBE community from Rabbi Mike

Chevreh ("community of friends")-

The Hebrew word for community is kehillah. It is related to the root k-h-l, which means "to assemble" or "to call together."

My teacher, Rabbi Les Bronstein, always taught me, "bring 'em close." What is so heartbreaking is that, right now, I cannot physically call you together. This goes against every fiber of my being, and against millennia of Jewish tradition.

So, first...

March 12 message to the CBE community

Chevreh ("blessed community") -

One of the most famous prayers in our tradition is the V'ahavta. It instructs us to love God with our entire selves.
In the moment we're in, it's clear that love isn't about kisses and hugs. (In fact, as we deal with COVID-19, kisses and hugs are the last things we should be doing!) Loving our community means protecting and supporting it. In consultation with our COVID-19 task force - especially...Read more...
Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780