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Community Teachings

06/11/2019 08:41:02 PM


Do you have insights to share with the CBE community?   This page is intended to share teachings by members of our community.   Please submit any teachings to Rabbi Mike that you would like to share.  

Chanukah 5781 Virtual CBE Coffee House Poetry

12/17/2020 01:22:51 PM


During Chanukah, some powerful and beautiful poetry was presented by Rabbi Mike, Robert Grappel, and Leann Shamash.  Click Read More for the links!


Click here for Rabbi Mike's poem, Tinder, Ember,...

Parashat chukat - June 26 2020 , ד׳ תמוז תש - Ronny Almog

06/26/2020 11:42:41 AM


Parashat chukat opens with the famous red cow ritual (Bamidbar 19). Rabbi Mike recently described it as one of the strangest mitzvot. It explains how to purify a person who had come into contact with a corpse, and involves slaughtering a red cow, burning it,...Read more...

Judaism as a Verb - Yom Kippur 5780/ 2019 - Sue Abrams

10/11/2019 09:34:30 AM


I invite you to join me in a journey to think of Judaism as a verb…

As the plane descended to the El Paso airport I looked out the window at the dusty landscape and thought about how I’d gotten there. El Paso was definitely not on my top ten places to go….But here I was, accompanied by a gigantic duffle bag crammed with stuffed animals and children’s books in Spanish. I was there to volunteer at a shelter on the border, giving...Read more...

Sanctuary - Rosh Hashanah 5780/2019 - Cindi Silverman

10/11/2019 09:27:54 AM


I begin with a story.

A woman, I will call her Sophia for her own privacy, came to the United States from a Central American country, after witnessing the death of family members and being threatened with her own life. She arrived with her husband and one son nearly thirty years ago. I don’t know how she arrived. I am not allowed to know that personal history. I do know that she lived quietly in the greater Boston area, raising two...Read more...

The Waters Are Risin' - Michael Biales

06/08/2019 07:00:00 PM


Michael Biales shared this at Tikkun L'eil Shavuot, June 8, 2019

In late 2015 during the presidential primaries, I was noodling on the guitar and played a chord progression that I liked and the words “the waters...Read more...

Tikkun L'eil Shavuot - June, 2019/ Leslie Sternberg

06/07/2019 07:30:00 PM


Leslie Sternberg submitted this post to thank all those that contributed to the night of learning.   This summarizes the enriching topics covered that night with contributions from our Rabbi, Cantor and congregants!


Kol Ha Kavod (honor) to the...

Fri, January 15 2021 2 Shevat 5781