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Sisterhood:  Chanukah Shop, Nosh, and Schmooze

Sisterhood Chanukah Fundraiser

Chanukah is just around the corner (December 7 – 15th to be precise) and this year we are excited to be combining our fundraising efforts with an opportunity to purchase fun, good quality Chanukah essentials, unique fair trade produced gifts, as well as an opportunity for a Chanukah "nosh and schmooze". 

Participate in the following ways:   

  1. 1. Below, purchase Chanukah essentials through Sisterhood.  We are offering wrapping paper, candles, gelt, and wooden dreidels. Deadline to purchase is Tuesday, November 28th.
  2. 2.  Purchase gifts through the Fair Trade Caravan fundraiser.  This fundraiser is back! The link to purchase is open until Tuesday, November 28th.  25% of all sales goes to Sisterhood. Favorites Deans Beans and the Shabbat Candles are available along with some new jewelry and other gift items. Coffee too!
  3. 3.  On December 3rd, "Nosh and Schmooze", pick up purchases, and find a selection of holiday books for purchase from Silver Unicorn.  On December 3rd, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, pick up your Sisterhood purchases and your Fair Trade Caravan purchases if you chose to ship to CBE.  Also, joining us that morning at CBE is the Silver Unicorn bookstore with a selection of holiday books for purchase.  Enjoy coffee and sufganiyot, while supplies last, and schmooze with members of our fabulous CBE community!  Join us regardless - no purchase required!   

Pre-order by Tuesday, November 28th:

  • Chanukah Items from Sisterhood below (i.e. wrapping paper, candles, dreidels and gelt). 

    We will have some on hand December 3rd, but preordering will guarantee order.

  • Fair Trade Caravans HERE .  The Sisterhood Fair Trade Caravan fundraiser is back!  You’ll be helping us raise money AND get fabulous gifts made/grown with no child labor, fair pay, safe working conditions, and sustainable practices. 

We hope to see you on Sunday, December 3rd, 9:30AM -12:30 PM, to pick up gifts items, browse books from the Silver Unicorn, eat sufganiyot, drink coffee, and receive some holiday cheer!

If you are unavailable to pick up your purchases on December 3rd, email and we will arrange another time.

Sisterhood Chanukah Essentials Order Form

The Sisterhood pre-order form is now closed.  We will have a limited supply of "extras" at our Chanukah Nosh and Schmooze get together on Sunday, December 3rd from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  So stop by for some coffee and sufganiyot and see what we have left for purchase!  You may email to let them know you want to purchase some items!


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