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CBE Chanukah Celebration 2020/5781

Join your CBE community in creating light each night of Chanukah! All events will take place on Zoom.

Check the STAR-Lite for ZOOM links and passwords for all events or send an email to or contact Ezra at 978-263-3061, ext 11.

Scroll down or click on the links below for the schedule and more detail of events on each night of Chanukah.  

Join us every night of Chanukah for these activities


Join this fun yearly tradition and enter the Menorah Contest!

  • 8 places for candles on one level and a place for the shamash on another level.
  • These are not meant to be lit, so you can use any materials that work for you.
  • A picture of you and your menorah must be sent to Beth at by Thursday, December 3rd.


Each night (except Shabbat), BBYO members will present a new set of challenges! Daily results will be tabulated, and grand winners announced at the CBE Coffee House!  Each days set of clues will be posted at around 6:00 pm.


Check each day's schedule, below, for the time.

Tuesday, December 15

6:30 pm

Community candle lighting

6:45 pm

Chanukah Art


Brotherhood Celebrates Chanukah with an Art Project!

Brotherhood is supporting a one hour Cookie Decorating project.

Order cookies and the decorating kit by Tuesday, December 8th, 6 PM from Jen Walsh of DarlingBeMine  at this Google Order Form link:

Brotherhood is financially supporting this endeavor for the first 20 families that sign up. 
The cost will be at $1 per cookie, and there are two kits to choose from - six cookies and twelve cookies.

Pickup of the cookie kits will be at CBE on December 15th from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm out front or under a solar panel if there is inclement weather.  We will NOT be doing deliveries.

Wednesday, December 16

6:30 pm

Community candle lighting and Menorah Slideshow

6:45 pm

Chanukat HaBayit (Mezuzah ceremony) and Learning


Menorah Slideshow

Thank you for all the beautiful menorah pictures! 

Chanukat Mezuzah!

The literal meaning of the word “chanukah” is dedication. After the victory of the Maccabees in 167 BCE, the Temple in Jerusalem was restored and rededicated. Like our ancestors, we celebrate this historical moment at Chanukah-time.
Today, we also bring the past forward by re-interpreting the holiday as we wish - as has been done by every generation. During this week, we will celebrate in a variety of ways: playing the dreidel game, eating oily foods to remind us of the miracle of the oil, and by lighting the chanukiah (Chanukah menorah) to bring light into this dark world.
Another way to think of this holiday is to rededicate ourselves as Jews, in our Jewish homes. One of the ways we declare to the world that our home is a Jewish home is by placing a mezuzah “on the doorposts” of our home. In fact, the ritual for affixing the mezuzah is called Chanukat Habayit (dedication of the home). Most of us have a mezuzah on at least one of our doorposts, but all of us could use another.  It is a mitzvah to place them wherever there is a doorpost in our homes – like the bedroom door, the living room door, etc. - so you can always use another!
On Wednesday, December 16th, we will gather as a community to affix mezuzot to our doorposts to rededicate ourselves to our Jewish heritage. We will also learn more about mezuzot, the Chanukah menorah, and other Jewish ways to make our homes a sanctuary of light, as we collectively say the blessing for our new mezuzot.

Please contact Cantor Sarra with any questions!

Thursday, December 17

6:30 pm

Community candle lighting

6:45 pm

CBE Coffee House


CBE Coffee House!

Join CBE artists as they share their light at the CBE Coffee House!

Enjoy song, dance, art, photography, and poetry from some of CBE's talented artists of every age - including Cantor Sarra, Rabbi Mike, Beth Goldstein, and Leann Shamash!

Sat, February 27 2021 15 Adar 5781