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50 Years 50 Words - Your reflections of the past and thoughts for the future!


Enjoy reading the submitted sentiments helping us to archive the first 50 years of our beloved CBE community!

Beth Schrager

CBE has been and remains a home for our family for exploration, education, connection to Jewish life and a compassionate gathering place for over 25 years. May it provide an environment into the future where family and friends may continue to live Jewish values with warmth, kind-heartedness and without prejudice.

CBE Sisterhood

Doing useful things, having fun
Peace and Love and Sunshine
Building community through meaningful activities
Book Club, cookbooks, mugs, sweatshirts
Remember Holiday Preschool with Waky
Mahjong; winning, losing, laughing, talking
Membership dinners, raffles, food, friends
Sisterhood Sangria, rugelach, Hamentaschen baking
Girls Night Out building memories
Oneg Challah and Wine supplies

Formaggio Family

CBE is, at its core, about its congregants. CBE is a place to build community-- to gather, laugh, eat, and pray with one another. We gain our strength from the people that pass through our doors, a strength that does not fade but is constantly renewed.

Gary and Judy Budiansky

4 Bar Mitzvahs and a Wedding! Thanks CBE for so many wonderful years.

Don and Marcy Hoban

CBE is there for us.

We are there for CBE.

Through B'nai Mitzvahs, Shpiels, Brotherhood, Sisterhood, softball, celebrations, and more, CBE has woven us into the fabric of our shared beliefs.

We cherish the past, enjoy the present, and welcome the future hand in hand.

Suzanne and Herman Kabakoff

In our many years at CBE, we have celebrated life cycle events, participated in activities, had children in the school, made social connections. We have known the love and support of the CBE community.

We hope that the next 50 years bring learning, joy, comfort and love to many more families.

Mark and Elaine Kahan

Y – ou know

E – ach year has just flown by

A – nd are we blessed?

F – or sure! Here’s why; ‘cause

I – n

F – aith with friends our

T – emple grew, and

Y – ear-by-year with Rabbis who

! – together helped make us a Temple that

!! – We pray makes life for all better as that’s where it’s at!

With love and smiles for CBE

David and Chips Naparstek

As members of CBE, we have found a caring religious family and community that provides emotional support in bad times and good. We give back by participating in prayer services and educational and social activities, and by donating money and time, which we hope to do for years to come!

Ben and Danya Bloomstone

Happy Birthday CBE from Ben and Danya Bloomstone! Thank you for helping us and our children stay connected to our Jewish roots, for giving us a place to reflect, pray, sing, learn and grow, and for providing a wonderfully warm community that has enriched our lives in so many ways.

Bob and Deena Ferrara

Beth Elohim and its great community have been an essential part of our lives since we joined the interfaith group back in the 1980s. We are overjoyed that our daughter Liz just joined with her wonderful children, Sam and Annie, and Sam has chosen to enroll in CBE's Hebrew School.

Kerri Garbis

Warm welcome. Fast friends. A place to grow.

These are just a few thoughts that come to mind when I think about CBE. I’m a newbie. I don’t know what this place was before Mike or Beth. I don’t have a long history, but I belong now and am thankful.

Leers Family

We knew we had found our home when we were greeted by our closest friends from the religious and pre-school when entering the synagogue. This place matters to us, for so many reasons. We look forward to another 50 years of CBE to help make our community a better place.

Dan and Shelley Klein

Community that cares and gives

Friends to count on

Spirituality that goes to the heart

Special place to call home

Sanctuary in a crisis

Sharing the joys of life

Thankfulness to all who are a part of it

Gratitude for all who came before

Hope for those yet to come.

Lori and Bryan Siegal

50 years of Gratitude for those who paved the way

our CBE Founders, leaders and those who created today.

50 years of Gratitude for those we share the here and now …

50 years of Gratitude for those that will take our future bow …

Happy 50th CBE Community!

Linda and Denis Friedman

We have been members of this special Jewish community since 1976. For 43 years CBE has been our spiritual home, our emotional home, our social home, our religious home. Three generations of our family have been nurtured here and for that we are so grateful.

Ellen Valade

After Holiday School, we joined CBE, discovered Sisterhood, Brotherhood, Interfaith Group, Board, became mesmerized by Lewis’ sermons, and Al converted. Years later, the community supported us through Al’s illness and death. Now I’m mesmerized by Mike’s vision and look out from the Choir with deep love for this extraordinary Congregation.

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784