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High Holiday Appeal 2020/5781


For you and for the CBE community, his year has been like no other. In many ways it has been extremely challenging - but it has also demonstrated that the CBE community matters. In spite of the obstacles, CBE and its members continue to pray together, build community, and act for good in the world together. We reach out to each other to provide comfort, raise money for the Acton Food Pantry and those in need, and join each other during (Zoom) Services and b’nai mitzvah celebrations. During this difficult time, CBE has shown yet again that it is  a community where the total is greater than the sum of the parts - a center for Jewish learning and observance, celebration and action. A community where even when we are apart, we are together. 

This is one of the most critical times to reflect on how we support each other, and how we can do even more to sustain this community and our Jewish inheritances for the future. We ask each of you to make a financial contribution in whatever amount you can so that CBE is able to provide the programs and services that are important to you.

This year presents a particular challenge because of the financial impact that the pandemic has on CBE and many of our fellow congregants. Because of the challenges we face, we have set a goal to raise $100,000 this year. Just as but more importantly, we hope to see 100% participation. Achieving this target relies as much on the smallest gifts as it does on the largest gifts; on everyone’s participation, no matter the size of the gift. We all share in the responsibility to help ensure that CBE continues to be a vibrant center of Jewish life, and a community with a strong future. 

Please consider giving generously this year. Let your gift be a reflection of what Beth Elohim means to you. Perhaps, you can be like the Israelites that “over-funded” the Sanctuary in the wilderness, so that there “was enough to do all the work and there was extra” (Exodus 36:3-7).

With your support, we will be able to achieve this and much more:

  • Provide meaningful & engaging High Holiday services and celebrations that bring our community together and give us sustenance for the year ahead.
  • Ensure we keep our CBE family whole throughout the COVID crisis by supporting the members who are temporarily unable to afford dues because of financial instability in the current crisis.
  • Take care of our members, helping ensure that everyone in our community is food secure, housing secure, and feels a sense of connection in this time that can be isolating and lonely.
  • Provide Shabbat and Holiday services and Torah study programming year-around, providing space for our community to gather to pray, learn, and carry Jewish traditions into the future.
  • Obtain technology to improve the online Shabbat and holiday services experience while we remain virtual.
  • Grow our broader community building and justice initiatives, from standing up for racial justice, to advocating for immigrant rights, to improving school safety and inclusion, to fighting for food security.
  • Support creative religious education programming, whether we remain virtual or are able to come back together in person sometime in the 2020-21 school year.
  • Ensure our young people are engaged and have social connection and Jewish practice in their lives.
  • Provide a wealth of programs to keep our adults connected with the community, like our popular annual Music Shabbat, conversational Hebrew classes, film nights, Bible & Bourbon groups, author and scholar speaker events like the successful ones we had last year with Rachel Kadish and Dr. Susannah Heschel
  • Plan and prepare for the time that we will be able to gather again together in person! Although we may remain virtual for several more months, at some point we’ll return to the CBE building and we want to ensure that we are prepared for that time, especially if we need to make any health-related changes or updates to our building.


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Sat, July 24 2021 15 Av 5781