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Calendar/ Event Planning Form

Use this form to ensure accurate event entry on the CBE website calendar, request a CBE website online registration form for your invitees and/or request CBE website content for your event.  

Confirm the date, time and CBE location availability with Ezra Habif  (, 978-263-3061, ext 1) before submitting this form.

Once you make this selection,  you will be prompted just for the information you need to provide.  
Provide a few sentences to describe the event.  This will be populated as the event description in the calendar.
Upload file(s)
Upload related files in the next field.   The files may be photos, flyers, or other images that will enhance communication of your event.   You will also need to email these photos, flyers or images, with full text, for Star-Lite and Star articles per the deadlines indicated below.  Photos or images should be high resolution and you must have permission or own rights to them.  Do not submit images obtained by Google search unless they are labeled for reuse.
Indicate the date(s) and start and end time(s) for the event that you have already confirmed with Ezra Habif.
Indicate the location for the event.  List the specific CBE location or external location, as applicable.  If external, please provide location name and address.
As applicable, indicate cost per person, cost per couple, congregant versus non-congregant cost, maximum cost per family, etc.
Indicate whether you want a CBE website online registration form created.  Once the form is created, you will be provided with a link to test the form and then to include in your communications.   
List names of congregants, involved with this event, that need access to the registration form submissions.  We will provide website access and instructions for access.


Calendar:  Ezra Habif, synagogue administrator at  You must confirm date, time and location availability with Ezra before submitting this form.   
Star-lite:  Rick Green at by Monday 5 PM for publication on Wednesday
Star:  Bob Becker at  He will provide deadline information.  The deadline is usually around the 25th of the month for publication on the first of the next month.
CBE Website online event registration forms:  If you indicated YES that a CBE online registration form is needed, once completed, Maida Fund at will contact you with the link for the registration form for your review and feedback.  
CBE Website:  If you select CBE website visibility for this event, once completed, Lauren Solomon at  will contact you with the link for your review and feedback.
Include any questions or additional information for the calendar, website, or online registration form.  

Indicate what you want to change for this calendar event.   You will receive a confirmation that the change has been reflected in the calendar.  Changes can be dates, times, and/or detail about the event that you want to be publicized on the website.  Examples are change in dates for multiple brotherhood breakfasts listed on the calendar, speaker/ speaker information for upcoming brotherhood breakfasts, food to be served at catered shabbat dinners, etc.
Enter a date and time here if you are indicating that there is a new date and time.  Otherwise, you can leave this blank.
Mon, January 21 2019 15 Shevat 5779