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Frequently asked questions/ what you need to know about your online account

1.  Whose product are we using to manage our synagogue?

We have chosen a product called ShulCloud. ShulCloud is installed in over 825 synagogues worldwide. ShulCloud was chosen after a rigorous review of competitive products that do synagogue management. Visit for more information.

2.  How do I access my personal information?

We plan to launch our new website containing your online account in late December.  Within a couple of weeks after the new website going “live”, you will be furnished with a login link that will give you access your account information. The login link will be sent to you from  Watch for the email during the latter half of December or early January.  When you click on the link, it will bring you to your new, online account at Your personal account name will be your email address.  You will have the opportunity to create a password for your account.

3.  What personal information is saved on the new platform?  

Our synagogue office has basic information on most congregants. Items like name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and family are already in the present synagogue database and have been copied over to the new platform’s database. When you log into your account, you will see the current information that is on file for you and your family. You will have the option to update that information as appropriate. There are other fields in your account that you may add information to. This is family or personal information that you would like our synagogue staff to know about. You have control over what information is available to our staff about you and your family.

We have also transferred your family’s financial records as related to CBE to your account. For a two-adult household, both family members will have access to this data.  The data has current dues and donation billing and payment information as well as historic information, going back a few years. You also have the option to make any payments to CBE online by using a debit or credit card from your account.

4.  Who can see my account information?

Your account information contains two types of data — data about your family that is non- financial, and data about your family regarding finances as related to CBE. Security for the two types of information are treated differently.

Your family data is used by the synagogue office and pastoral staff to communicate with you and provide appropriate synagogue service and benefits to your family. The synagogue office does not have access to your family financial data.  

Your CBE financial data in your new online account is maintained by our CBE Treasurer and Financial Secretary. that were elected into their BOD positions by the congregation. Our synagogue President also has access to congregant financial data.

Our office staff has access to family data (non-financial).  They can help you add or delete information from your account.  We have congregant volunteers that aid the office staff with any database problems with family data.  But, only if requested and temporary access to the family database is granted to the volunteer by the office.

The new website has controls which include administrative privilege management.  Overall administrative privilege is managed by our financial people. It is only they that control who sees anyone’s financial information.

5.  Is my account secure?

Our vendor, ShulCloud, develops and manages our website software, but does not actually own the computers that the software runs on. They have a contract with Amazon Web Services who manages the computers on their behalf. So, the internet security that Amazon provides is the same website security that our synagogue and users will experience.  Our vendor has designed their software platform with the synagogue’s and congregation’s personal and financial security in mind. See a statement of all security features at: ShulCloud Security & Backup

6.  Is there one account per adult or one account per family?

The computer database considers a family unit as consisting of one or two adults, plus any children. By logging into your new account, you will be able to access the website's family management capability. For example, you will be able to edit your family's name, address, and phone number and also see your account statement. You may also securely pay family account dues and donations online, if desired.

In two-adult households, both members will have access to family account management.

Each adult member of the household can also edit their personal "My Profile" information on the database. In "My Profile" you will be able to enroll online for CBE events, provide information on your Jewish religious and cultural interests and skills to the Rabbi and Cantor, and update CBE on any Yahrzeits that you wish to be reminded of or make our pastoral staff aware of.

7.  What will I be able to do once I establish my account?

Establishing your account enables you to access “My Profile” as previously discussed.  Other benefits of having your own account include being able to enroll for Adult Education Courses, CBE events, Sisterhood, and Brotherhood as a congregant. Many CBE activities are free or less expensive to congregants. You will have access to our member directory and will be able to edit your family data as it appears in the directory. Add a family picture, too, if you wish. Regarding the synagogue calendar, there are some advanced calendar features that only member have access to, such as downloading the calendar to your personal electronic device. As we develop the new website, you will see more benefits of having your own personal account.

8.  What are subscriptions?

Subscriptions are actually synagogue mailing lists for different synagogue functions.  The “Announcements” mailing list is for general synagogue bulk mailing, whereas the other categories that you will see under “My Subscriptions” are for specific mailings - Dedication Notifications, Events, Forms, Lifecycles, and Schedules. The plan is to use these mail lists in the future, but they aren’t going to be used in the near term. Leave “email” and “paper mail” checked as available. More details will follow in the future.

9.  What will I see under “My Billing”?

“My Billing” is a summary of any monies currently due the synagogue.  If you have a balance due and you wish to pay by credit or debit card, just click "Submit a Payment" and follow the instructions.

10.  How do I pay my bill online?

While in “My Billing”, click on “Submit a Payment” to pay a bill or make a donation online.  If you have open charge types and are paying dues, you may allot the payment to those dues charges.  The computer will make recommendations. You may change what the computer recommends. Click “donations” if you wish to make donations.  You have the option to make a single payment or to make smaller payments over a few months.

Our website does not take credit card or debit card numbers directly.  It will take you to PayPal is our credit card processing company. They will take your credit or debit card payment and process it on CBE’s behalf.  Proceeds are deposited into CBE’s PayPal account where the funds are then allocated to our bank accounts where needed. If you have a PayPal account, you may optionally supply your login credentials rather than credit/ debit card information, if that is your preference. Note that for online payments, PayPal will nominally charge us a 3% fee for their service.  If you are paying this way, we encourage you to consider increasing your payment by this amount to defray that cost from the synagogue. That is noted on the payments web page.

11.  Am I in the member directory? Can I upload a photo?

Congregants are listed in the Member Directory. After you log in to the website, click on “Members”, then “Directory” to see Member Directory.  Click on “Edit My Account Info” to make changes. You have the option to upload a photograph of you or your family for the account. There is an option to opt out of having your family included in the Member Directory, it that is what you wish to do.

12.  Who do I contact if I need help?

You may send an email to and office staff or a congregant supporting the website will get back to you.

13.  How do I find out more detail for an event mentioned on the calendar?

When you roll your mouse or touchpad over a calendar event, any detail on that event will display on your screen. On a touch screen, simply touch the entry for more information.  Click on Go to Event button to see full event detail, including a link to register, if registration is requested for the event.

14.  How can I make the CBE calendar display on my Google (or other) calendar?

Setting up your PC, MAC, or mobile calendar should be relatively easy with the new website.  Procedure:

A- Go to “News and Events” on the horizontal navigation bar and choose “Calendar”

B- Click “More Filters/ Views”

C- Choose “Export/ Webcal”, then iCal/ WebCal Export

D- At step 1, setup your calendar content by choosing your calendar options

E- In step 2 choose “Add to Google Calendar” (or other calendar)

F- Your Google Calendar should launch on your screen. Click “Add” to add the CBE  

    calendar to your own.

G- If you ever wish to delete the CBE calendar from your Google calendar, you may do

    so under “Other Calendars”, on the left side of the Google calendar display.

15. Why can I see my birthday (or Yahrzeits) on the CBE Calendar?

The software gives you the option to overlay the lifecycle events that you and your family have over the synagogue calendar. This is private. Only you or your family can see this. The control to turn this on or off can be found in “view and edit your profile”, which is under “My Account”. Then, click “Other”. The check boxes indicate that this is public, but we have public turned off for all accounts. It is private, only.

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